Astralis could have just cracked the code for long term success in Esports

By: Will Myers


If you were creating an Esports team and had the opportunity to build your dream team, wouldn’t you pick from already established, all-star players in the world? Is it better to buy high-ticket players, or develop a team of promising talent? Astralis elected to pursue the latter. They argue that incremental growth and development takes the cake over a star studded roster. If you never heard of Astralis, they are arguably the best CS:GO team ever assembled and they have four majors to prove it. This dynasty was built from the ground up. Sure, Astralis has star players such as Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, but their success is not rooted in their individual skill. It is rooted in the culture they have established that emphasizes working as a team and maintaining a positive outlook no matter the results. A culture that if emulated, could set a precedent of how all Esports Organizations should be run.

Im not going to go into detail about the forming of Astralis’s roster, or when they started seeing success, instead I am going to highlight the philosophy and the way they support their players through development. Jakob Lund Kristensen, founder and CCO of Astralis explains they “built Astralis around one single purpose and that purpose is to champion the positive potential of gaming.” This is the core philosophy they live by, utilizing positivity to reach new heights. They engaged in this philosophy among their Counter Strike team, fostering their talent to grow into one of the greatest teams Esports has ever seen. Astralis is coached to be fluid and trustworthy with their teamwork, playing off of each-other skillfully, without caring about individual stats. Astralis management believes in their players, win or lose. This genuine belief alleviates the pressure of being dropped from the roster which in return helps the players relax and focus on their job.


Astralis recently announced in a youtube video that they are dropping their League of Legends roster to build it from the ground up, paralleling what they did with Counter Strike. They want to prove to the world that they have the right motive to rise to the top of any Esport and what better way than doing it with another Esport(If you have not seen this video I’ll throw the link here ) . They yearn to find young talent to develop them into a cohesive winning team. Take Lukas “Gla1ve” Rossande example, he was not always the leader he is today. He grew slowly in his role and with the positivity of his teammates and management he blossomed into one of Counter Strike’s greatest minds. I fully believe they are on to something big here. They have the key to unlock a new era of team building within Esports. One that rewards perseverance and growth rather than individual stats.


Although Astralis has not seen much success recently, this is due to players such as G1ave and Andreas “XYP9X” Højsleth taking a long overdue break. Burnout in Esports is very real thing that many players suffer from so breaks are needed(but thats for a later article). They are taking this time to develop new talents such as Patrick “es3tag ” Hansen and Lucas “Bubzkji” Anderson. This is just reinforcing their focus on growing their team from promising players. They did it once they can do it again. Astralis is paving the way for how Esports Organizations should operate. We could soon see other teams hitting the reset button and building that Astralis like core, no matter what Esport. Only time will tell.

Do you think Astralis’s blueprints will revolutionize the way teams are formed/developed?



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