How Harsh is Valve going to Ban Coaches who used the Coaching Bug Exploit in Counter Strike?

What Valve is going to do about the recent Coaching Bug Scandal? By: Will Myers This article analyzes 3kliksphillip’s video Valve, pls thank, alongside TheWarOwl’s video The Biggest Cheating Scandal in Pro CS:GO History, to gain a better understanding of what the future actions Valve will take in regards to the coaching bug scandal. Phillip […]

Genshin Impact: Breath of the Wild’s Anime Competition

Should You Play Anime Breath of the Wild?  By: Max Myers Genshin Impact was released less than a month ago on September 28th and was quickly dubbed “anime Breath of the Wild.” While this is a fairly accurate, the game does an amazing job of bringing more players into the gacha game genre. For people who are already tired […]

Best CS:GO Training Maps

A Guide to the best training maps in CSGO that are guaranteed improve your skills – 2020 By: Will Myers Practice makes perfect, and luckily for Counter Strike players there are simple ways to hone your skills and gain an edge over your opponent. Unlike CS:GO’s FPS competitor Valorant, in Counter Strike map creation and […]

U.S. Army’s Unethical Recruitment in Esports Sparks Controversy

Military esports are using Twitch and Esports in attempt to increase recruitment numbers By: Will Myers The U.S. Army has ventured into the world of Esports. Normally I’d be excited to see Video Games becoming more mainstream, but what the U.S. Army is doing is actually a bit shady. They are utilizing the emerging video […]

Will Super Smash Bros Melee Ever Die?

A love letter to Melee and its community By: Max Myers In Nintendo’s Super Smash Brothers franchise one title in the series tends to stand out in the fighting game community. For fans of the series (and people who read the title of this post), Super Smash Brothers Melee almost immediately comes to mind and […]

Astralis May Change Esports Organizations Forever

Astralis could have just cracked the code for long term success in Esports By: Will Myers If you were creating an Esports team and had the opportunity to build your dream team, wouldn’t you pick from already established, all-star players in the world? Is it better to buy high-ticket players, or develop a team of […]

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